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90 minutes each
Pages 1-36
Final Authority
The Deeds of the Nicolaitanes
The Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes
The Transmission of the Text (Part 1)
Pages 36-75
Transmission of the Text (Part 2)
Mark 16:9-20
Causes of Corruption
The Synogogue of Satan (Part 1)
Pages 75-114
The Synogogue of Satan (Part 2)
Two False Witnesses
Pages 114-156
Bathed in Blood
Hampton Court
The Old Black Book (Part 1)
Pages 156-197
The Old Black Book (Part 2)
Sanctioned From on High
Enter, The Jesuits (Part 1)
Pages 197-237
Enter, The Jesuits (Part 2)
Vessels of Dishonour (Part 1)
Pages 237-279
Vessels of Dishonour (Part 2)
Behind Closed Doors
The Midnight Hour (Part 1)
Pages 279-321
The Cutting Edge of Apostasy
Preservation for Propagation


From a review found on

"Rarely does a book change ones outlook - indeed, one that does could be said to be very important. Dr. Grady's book has been to me very important. It has strengthened my faith in God and in his inerrant nature. One of several excellent books on the subject of the authorized KJV, the author has done a good job of mixing documentation with practical application and understanding. Having myself comitted portions of the NIV to memory over a period of ten years - I was somewhat skeptical of the 'KJV only' position and Dr. Grady's book. After reading this book, I realized how incomplete and polutted the other translations are - I swapped my NIV for the KJV and won't be going back!"

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